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The Moksha Space

Natural Chakra Stone & Agate Tree of Life Amulet

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One of a kind, unique, hand-made, pre-charged natural chakra multi-stone tree of life mounted on agate crystal. Great amulet for beginners or people looking for spiritual alignment. Contains the following stones; Green Rutilated Quartz ( wards off negative energy and disease, affects heart chakra), Carnelian (boosts listless attitudes, stimulates appetites, regulates the kidneys, accelerates healing in bones and ligaments, affects solar plexus, sacral, and root chakras), Shell (stimulates intuition, sensitivity, imagination and adaptability, affects heart chakra), Amethyst (protection, wards off psychic attack and negative intent, affects crown chakra), Lapis Lazuli (protection, strength, courage, royalty, wisdom, intellect, truth, associated with throat and 3rd eye chakra), Blue Howlite Turquoise (helps remember dreams and gives insight into the meaning behind the dream, associated with throat chakra), Unakite (associated with the third eye chakra for its use in vision and scrying and with the heart chakra for its ability to balance emotions.), Green Jasper (believed to be beneficial for inflammatory conditions, vitality, associated with heart chakra), Amazonite (believed to calm the brain and nervous system, aid in maintaining optimum health, balances masculine and feminine innerG, associated with the heart and throat chakra), Tourmaline (keeps innerG flowing in alignment, balance, associated with all 7 chakras), Indian Agate (associated with the heart and sacral chakra calms anxious thoughts, honing concentration, and nudging you to step out of the chaos of negativity), Rose Quartz (associated with the heart chakra, gives pure love energy through balancing emotional health, releasing emotional blockages, and balancing other chakras). Clear Quartz (associated with the crown chakra; give access to higher states of consciousness and mindfulness to clear and focus the mind). Necklace cord can be paired with healing or protective oils for added benefit. Can be charged in the Sun or smudged with sage or lavender.