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The Moksha Space

Crystal Empress Jewelry Set

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Are you an Empress who likes to make a statement? If so, then this one-of-a-kind custom jewelry set is for you. This set features a necklace embellished with four crystals that contain the following crystals; Pink Quarts (heart chakra), Clear Rock Quarts (crown chakra), Amethyst (third eye chakra), Green Jade(heart chakra to remove blockages and promote healthy flow of energy), Indian Agate (heart, solar plexus, sacral,& root chakra), Lapis Lazuli (throat chakra), Amazonite (for grounding), and  Black Obsidian (for protection). The necklace also contains hand-painted wooden beads (marble, black, iridescent bronze), silver embellishments, clear acrylic crystals, and a custom made black marble resin ankh.  Also comes with a custom resin fashion ring that can be also worn as an attraction charm.

I designed this piece to attract good luck, prosperity, harmony, balance, love, power and protection. I chose to hand craft resin crystals instead of traditional crystals because it is a good preservative and allowed me to house the frequencies of many crystals within one to cover every chakra point. Resin crystals also last longer than traditional mineral crystals. In ancient times Egyptians made amulets out of the resin from trees as it was a good preservative of life. The necklace is approximately 16 inches long and the thumb ring is a size 11 (It can also be worn as an attraction charm around the neck).  Necklace and ring can be charged up in the Sun.