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Wire-Wrapped Raw Crystal Pendant Necklace

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These are 100% handmade wire-wrapped crystal pendant necklaces! These gorgeous raw crystal pendants rests on an 18 inch necklace cord. These are authentic natural crystals imported from all over the world including Brazil, India, Botswana and Madagascar. They are rough, unpolished crystals so you can appreciate the natural beauty and energy of the stone in its raw form. Each crystal is unique, therefore pendants may vary slightly from images. 

Item Description
100% Handmade Item
Material: natural raw crystals, copper wire, gold or silver-plated wire,18 inch necklace cord
Jewelry Type: Mystic, Boho, Hippie
Made To Order
Crystal Size: approximately 35mm

Crystal Types: Green Dongling/White Crystal/Pink Crystal/Amethyst/Rainbow/Blue Lucite/White Cleft Green Ying/Lemon Crystal/Himilayan Salt/Tourmaline/Black Obsidian. Customization available, contact shop for details and pricing.

How I Prepare The Crystals

I charge every cyrstal, then cleanse the crystals energetically with sage, florida water, and crystal singing bowls. I cleanse myself, my working area, and then wrap the crystal of your choice in a beautifully simple design that is uniquely yours (design may vary slightly from picture due to natural variations in stone). This is a sturdy design reinforced with an alloy wire that has been permanently colored and is tarnish resistant.

Wire-wrapped pendants come with a standard 18 inch necklace cord that can be used as a diffuser for scented and essential oils. 


The item will typically ship within 1-3 business days. Customized items may take longer.

International shipping is available. Postage fees may vary due to the shipping method.

Gift Wrapping

Each product is well-packed in decent gift box packaging, ready to give away as a gift. A gift message is available upon request. Don't hesitate to get in touch with the shop for details!

This item was designed for teenagers and adults. It can be given as a gift or used for meditation, reiki healing, and spiritual alignment. It can also be paired with diffuser bracelets containing essential and conjure oils for extra benefits. 

--> DISCLAIMER: These statements about crystal healing properties are primarily belief-based and have not been evaluated by a medical professional. They are based on longstanding beliefs and traditions across many cultures but are not a substitute for necessary medical treatments or medications.


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