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Wire Wrapped Orisha Oshun Themed Water Crystal

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Light Blue Wire Wrapped Water Crystal embellished with Orisha Oshun-themed yellow and gold glass beads. Evil Eye added to ward off negative innerG. Water Crystal harnesses the power of the elementals. The necklace cord can be paired with your favorite protection or attraction oil for added benefits. 

Oshun (Osun), is an Orisha (deity) of the Yoruba people of southwestern Nigeria. Orisha Oshun the river Goddess of life and fertility. She is associated with water, purity, fertility, love, prosperity, beauty and sensuality. She is a powerful Goddess, venerated as one of the seven African powers. She is often depicted as a protector, savior, and nurturer of humanity.

Oshun's symbols are honey, cinnamon, sunflowers, and oranges. Her sacred birds are peacocks and vultures. Her favorite colors are gold and amber. A child of Osun typically sees the number 5 a lot, is attracted to the color yellow or gold, and enjoys sweets especially honey.

If you are a child of Oshun, this water crystal is for you.