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The Moksha Space

Malachite Gemstone & Agate Tree of Life Jewelry Set

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One of a kind, unique, hand-made, pre-charged natural malachite gemstone necklace with an agate crystal wire wrapped tree of life. Great amulet for beginners or people looking for protection and spiritual alignment. Contains the following stones; Malachite -This unique gemstone shares its traits with Turquoise and Tourmaline and is associated with fertility, death, afterlife, and resurrection. The ancient Kemites (Egyptians) called it a 'God Stone' as it was used as an amulet that can avoid the threat of death or protect the wearer from negative entities. Green Agate - In this stone, the spiritual power of green is combined with that of agate. According to modern healers who use stones in healing, green agate increases compassion, generosity and a keen sense of justice, along with enhancing mental and emotional flexibility, improving decision-making and resolving disputes. Green Jade - The stone is associated with life force, harmony, love, healing. Also contains 4 hand painted African Wooden Beads.

Agate Tree of life features a handmade, colored copper wire wrapped tree design is  embellished with chakra color glass seed beads. Handwoven black necklace cord is made out of hemp and can be paired with healing or protective oils for added benefit. Can be charged in the Sun or through smudging. 

Silver ring is approximately size 7 to 8 and features wire wrapped green malachite chip stones


Necklace: Malachite, jade, silver embellishments, hand-painted African wooden beads, Approximately 19 inches long with 7 inch string cord for tying.

Necklace Closure Type: Tie Back

Earrings: Polished silver wire, malachite gem stone, approximately 2.5 in long