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A'ashuq Wu Nuwar Divine Cosmic Being of Light. Welcome to my shop! My name is Nefertiti Ra Seti and I created this shop for people looking for things to help them on their metaphysical journey. All Jewelry is handmade, unique and one of a kind designed for healing and protection. New jewelry items will be posted weekly. Please subscribe below to be the first to when new items become available and recieve discount coupons and promotional materials. Peace Love and Light!

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Unique, One-Of-A-Kind Peices

Intuitive Tarot Reading By A ClairvoyantIntuitive Tarot Reading By A Clairvoyant

Jewelry For Spiritual Protection

  • IAM that IAM

    I designed this store with you in mind. I created this shop to sell one of a kind jewelry, custom unique jewelry and items for metaphysical healing, ankcestral protection, and to raise the vibrations of the person who wears it. Everything on this sight is carefully crafted to contain certain colors, beads, crystals, in particular order and numbers to harness the frequencies for which they were designed. Thank you for visiting my shop. I hope you find something that resonates with your soul. A'ashuq Wu Nuwar Neteru and all my divine cosmic beings of light.

  • Orisha Themed Wire Wrapped Crystals

    Find the unique peice that you are looking for here. Harnesses the InnerG of Fire, Earth, Water, & Air all in one peice. Colored beads give a little extra ankcestral protection. Each peice is one of a kind, so you will not find anyone else with it. With proper care and maintenence these peices will stand the test of time.

  • Coming Soon

    Mouth of the Orishas InnerG Orgone designed for ankhcestral communication, increase vibrations, or act as an altar gift.

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