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The Moksha Space

Green Agate Ogun Themed Tree of Life Amulet

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Green Agate Tree of Life with glass beads for Orisha Ogun. Agate crystals help to connect with the elementals within. Orisha Ogun is the Mighty Warrior. He is the Patron of War and works with a machete to clear paths and helps people overcome their obstacles. 

Among the orisha, the Yoruba see the god Ogun as amongst the most important. The god of war, of the hunt, and of ironworking, Ogun serves as the patron deity of blacksmiths, warriors, and all who use metal in their occupations. He also presides over deals and contracts; in fact, in Yoruba courts, devotees of the faith swear to tell the truth by kissing a machete sacred to Ogun. The Yoruba consider Ogun fearsome and terrible in his revenge; they believe that if one breaks a pact made in his name, swift retribution will follow.

In Candomblé, he is syncretized with Saint George in Brazil.

In Santeria, he is syncretized with Saint Peter.

Ogun can also be associated with energy, in particularly personal power.

Under the chakra system, Ogun can represent the manipura or the third chakra.

This chakra is located in the area of the solar plexus of the body.

You can pair these amulets with your favorite attraction or protection oil for added benefit. Can be charged in the Sun or during a full moon. The name Ogun means war. This is an amulet if you are looking for extra protection, to clear obstacles, or to tap into your personal power.