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Shamballa Protection Bracelets

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Shambhala Bracelets available, multiple colors and styles. Custom orders available. Bracelets can be adjusted to fit a child's wrist or an adult.

History of Shamballa Bracelets

The word Shamballa represents the mythical kingdom that Tibetan Buddhists believe symbolizes enlightenment, peace and perfection. Shamballa bracelets are based on the traditional Catholic rosary beads which are historically used for meditation.

Protection jewelry is any type of jewelry that shields you from bad luck, negative energy, and low vibrations. While protection jewelry is commonly thought to guard you from toxic external energy, it can also serve to protect you from your own negative thoughts and feelings.

Colors Meaning

Black is the color of strength and authority, with the absence of light it is the king of all colors. Working with force, it inspires leadership and inner power, pulling up strength from deep within the wearer.  Formal and elegant, it is a popular choice of Shamballa bracelet, inspiring the user to seek out knowledge and self-mastery. The black Shamballa bracelet works on calming the mind and keeping you focused on the task ahead. 

With the color White comes light and purity. It brings clarity, peace and happiness to the wearer. Increasing the flow of life-force and aiding in healing of the physical and mental body. Wearing a white Shamballa bracelet is said to encourage openness and kindness, making it the perfect color to wear if you are embarking on a new beginning, whether that is traveling to far off places or a journey from within. The white Shamballa bracelet brings enthusiasm, inspiration and spiritual guidance. When worn it is said to connect us to the goddess of nature, leaving you open and able to bond with the spirit world. They are also a wonderful tool to help clear your thoughts for use when meditating. The color of innocence and truth, it is a great aid when talking to your inner self. 

The Red Shamballa bracelet stands for passion, emotion and motivation. Wearing the red bracelet increases feelings of security and pushes back anxiety and fear, helping you strive forward without apprehension. If you are lacking enthusiasm or interest in any areas of your life, the red Shamballa bracelet is for you. Stoking the fires within, it digs deep inside of you, bringing out your inner hunger and enthusiasm. It is also associated with boldness and bravery making it the perfect tool for someone who is introverted or suffering from shyness. Encouraging the user to overcome inhibitions by increasing courage and openness. 

The Blue Shamballa bracelet is amazing when trying to expand the mind, allowing the wearer to see more clearly by inspiring wisdom and spurring on creativity. They are a fantastic tool for anyone who is experiencing a creative block, opening up the mind whilst at the same time leaving you calmer and with a deeper sense of purpose. Nurturing and healing, the blue, much like the ocean itself, brings tranquility, peace and relaxation, leaving you encouraged to sit back, relax and take it all in.  This bracelet is also associated with trust, planning and organization.

The Green Shamballa bracelet is linked with nature. As with the effect nature has on our bodies, the green Shamballa increases the balance and harmony between mind and body. This bracelet gives us a strong feeling of serenity, bringing forth calm and a renewed sense of direction in life. It encourages acceptance, love and forgiveness, balancing emotions and bringing us back to our pure state.  Green is also the color for luck and abundance, it is a wonderful aid for manifesting wealth and financial growth. Try using the green Shamballa bracelet when visualizing to help in bringing forth your financial goals.