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The Moksha Space

SunRA Solar Plexus Crystal Necklace

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SunRA crystal necklace features six hand-crafted black and yellow resin crystals, wooden beads (iridescent black, yellow, and marble), bronze embellishments, and a copper triangle that houses a yellow ankh with gold flakes. Designed to capture the energy of the Sun (Power) and the frequency of the numbers 3-6-9. The color yellow is associated with the Solar Plexus, the Sun, happiness, and warmth.

Yellow is the second highest wavelength on the visible spectrum (580 nm, 2.14 eV). The color yellow has been used to promote healing in patients who suffer from liver disease, digestion problems, diabetes, digestion problems, and skin disease.

Resin crystals last longer than traditional raw crystals. This necklace was designed to house the energy of the Sun in a 3-6-9 pattern.

While wearing crystal jewelry, it is good to say positive affirmations like the ones below.

Necklace is approximately 19 inches long. Can be charged up in the Sun.